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Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews | Book Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

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Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews | Book Review
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Book Review

Kate Daniels is a mercenary with a mouth as sharp as her sword. She lives in a world where magic and technology cannot co-exist. When magic is running rampant, almost all technology shuts down until it draws back. The city of Atlanta is falling apart. Buildings have collapsed from the constant struggle between magic and technology. And something is stalking the streets killing shapechangers and vampires, bringing the city close to an all-out war between the two groups of supernatural creatures. That same something killed Kate's guardian, and now she is on the hunt for whoever, or whatever killed him.

Kate might be small, but don't mistake her for being weak. She will challenge anyone who gets in her way to finding the truth. Of course, she doesn't always think before she speaks, and it can put her in some precarious situations. Especially with Curran, Lord of the shapeshifters. Being the alpha means no challenge can go without being met, and Kate doesn't hesitate to mouth off to him.

While Kate tries to navigate pack politics, she'll have to also deal with The People. Necromancers who pilot vampires. In this series, vampires are not walking around talking and charming the pants off unsuspecting mortals. They are nothing more than blood-sucking shells that must be controlled by a necromancer, or else be reduced to a blood-lusting rage. I enjoyed the creep factor brought in by the vampires, almost the polar opposite to any other urban fantasy series.

I read this series when it first came out, and never got around to finishing it. This time, I'm committed to the end. I can't wait to see how the series develops and what else this world holds.

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