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Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews | Book Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

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Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews | Book Review
Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Book Review

When Curran leaves Kate in charge of the pack, it leaves her wide open for trouble. A shapeshifter has killed one of the People, and they are out for more than just blood. It's time for Kate to face her greatest fear. Roland is determined to test her limits, and Kate is severely outnumbered. War is brewing on the horizon. Kate is given twenty-four hours to hunt down the shapeshifter and give them over to the People, or else Atlanta will be reduced to a blood smear.

I will admit it took me a while to write this review. I struggled with what to say for the first time in a while. The Kate Daniel's series has been a wild ride from book one. Kate was built into a tough as nails character with a personality as sharp as her sword. But with this book, for the first time, I felt derailed.

As we journey through the People's territory to find clues to the murder, Kate wasn't able to be the flashy merc we've grown to love. I was excited to see a new side to her as she worked in stealth with members of the pack. Unfortunately, her pining for Curran throughout the process confused me. Since when does she doubt herself because of him? If this had been the only section of the book that happened, I could have let it pass.

When Kate is faced with one of the many desperate situations she has been in, she becomes so obsessed with Curran that he is her only hope. Instead of fighting for her life, she barely tries to escape and sits and waits. She waits! When has Kate ever waited for someone to rescue her? When has she ever been a damsel in distress? I could have believed this route if she had tried harder to begin with.

This book provided a jarring break from the character readers have come to know. And while the situation Kate was put in was a dire one, she's been in tough spots before. I think the writing could have been done much better to detail Kate's reaction. I will be taking a break from the Kate Daniels series for at least a book or two.

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