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Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews | Book Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

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Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews - Book Review
Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Book Review

Panacea, the only medicine able to prevent a shapeshifter from turning into a loup. It also happens to be one of the hardest to find. The amount of magic it takes to create panacea is a closely guarded secret of the European shapeshifters. When two more children of the pack go loup, Kate watches as her ward Julie falls apart knowing her best friend has to be killed. Until Curran announces that the pack has been contacted for a job with the European packs, and panacea is the payment. It's an obvious trap, but as Kate sees the torment in the children's faces, she knows the future rests in attaining the panacea. No more children should have to die.

This time readers are taken across the seas where the pack will have to protect a pregnant werewolf by the name of Desandra. Caught in a political struggle, not only does her father want to kill her, but there are two packs near war over her unborn children. Being the only human among shapeshifters, Kate will have to once again prove that she isn't just another weak human. Curran will also have to keep a close lid on his temper, or else start a war between his pack and three others.

Ilona Andrews isn't afraid to introduce new elements into the world of Kate Daniels. Because of this, there is never a dull moment in the series. Kate and the pack will have to face off against a new host of enemies and this time the cost is high. There will be no punches pulled and Kate's past is never far behind her. No one she loves is safe anymore.

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