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Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews | Book Review

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews | Book Review
Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

Book Review

Kate is beginning to learn what it means to own a city and the magic within it. The threats are only increasing, and it isn’t just her family and friends she has to protect, it is all of Atlanta. As her father builds at her border, he continues to needle at her, trying to spark her anger and push her over the edge. Kate never takes the subtle route; she prefers to smash and talk later. But she will have to tread carefully or else lose the ones she loves the most.

What never fails to surprise me is the weight of responsibility Ilona Andrews puts on Kate whenever she increases in strength. Most series let the main character gain power, and while they suffer temporarily, it isn’t a permanent struggle. Everything Kate does comes with sacrifice and regret. Nothing is easy, there is a trial for everything. And it never fails to entertain.

There also never fails to be a sprinkling of humor added to each story, so the reader does not become overloaded by everything happening. This time around the main focus for the humor is Kate and Curran’s wedding. It’s a little hard to pick out dresses and choose what kind of cake you want to eat at your wedding while there is a rampaging warlord about to start a war. But hey, you have to do what you have to do for the wedding. So, Kate might ruin a wedding dress as she runs out the door to do battle, but what can you do?

The Kate Daniels series never has useless filler. It has continued to be set on Kate and developing her character. The world-building has never once let me down or become repetitive despite being now nine books into the series. The secondary characters have all had their moments to shine and gone through their own course of development as well. There is only one book to go, and I don’t want it to end, but I need to know what is going to happen!

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