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Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews | Book Review

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

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Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews | Book Review
Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews

Book Review

Kate and Curran have discovered that living in suburbia comes with its own battles. The mailman is petrified of Curran and there’s that one cranky neighbor who complains about everything they do. Of course, when the monsters follow you home and are ripped apart on the front lawn, it might just push some neighbors over the edge. Despite settling down, Kate and Curran have their work cut out for them. Ghouls are roaming the city in packs and strange reanimating monsters are popping up around town. There’s even a giant or two thrown into the mix. Normal will never be in their lives, but if it were normal then I think the two of them would die of boredom.

Ilona Andrews never fails to create an action-packed story where Kate is constantly pushing past her limitations. I devour each of these books, unable to put them down because they are sheer adrenaline filled action. And don’t forget the sarcastic humor thrown between Curran and Kate that makes it all the more entertaining. They are the only fantasy couple I know that argue over simple household things while covered in blood and fending for their lives. It goes to show just how different their lives are and that they’ve come to accept the constant upheaval as their version of normal.

The mythology surrounding each book in this series is fascinating. Each book brings in another culture and its mythical creatures. There are so many new creatures I have learned about from this series alone. And of course, they have their imagined ones that are based on the culture they are focusing on. And despite the new concepts developed as the series progresses, it never feels like there is too much in the world. Ilona Andrews doesn’t leave loose ends and slowly brings back familiar sights along with the new encounters, weaving them all together to create a whole story.

I don’t want this series to end, but I know at some point it will. And I will rush toward it because I can’t stop reading these books. I highly recommend The Kate Daniels series for fans of urban fantasy.

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