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Behind the Pages' Privacy Policy

As with just about everything on the internet, information gets collected when you interact with the Behind the Pages website. I wanted to provide everyone who visits this site an explanation of what that means without the confusing jargon.

First off, thank you for visiting this site. It means the world to me to reach out and encourage readers to try out new books. Know that I will never sell any of the information you provide to me through the site forms.

What exactly happens to my information in the contact form?

In order to contact me you voluntarily provide your first name, last name, email address and what type of service is requested. I also provide an open text field for you to provide additional information. It is up to you to provide as much information as you deem necessary in this text field. This information is emailed to me by my host Wix. I then use this information to contact you in return and decide if I can fulfill whichever service you have requested.

What exactly happens to my information in the subscription form located at the bottom of each page?

In order to subscribe to the website you voluntarily provide an email address. This email address is stored on Wix so that I can then send you email campaigns about new content released to the site. You can unsubscribe from these emails if you no longer wish to receive them.

What exactly happens to my information when I become a site member?

As a site member you sign up through Wix and voluntarily provide an email address, first name and last name. Your name will be displayed when you comment on blog posts and you may receive email campaigns. You can unsubscribe from these emails if you no longer wish to receive them. A list of site members is stored so I can see who has accessed the website.

Do you collect analytics data?

Yes, the website for Behind the Pages does collect analytics data. I am able to see how many site sessions, post views and members have been accessing the website. I use this to track data trends and try to determine the best times and content to post. This data is automatically collected by Wix.

Why do you have cookies on your website?

Just about every website you visit has a cookies option. Do I personally use them to track data from you? No, I do not access any cookie data. I have not enabled advertising on my website and if this changes in the future I will notify anyone who has subscribed to the website, or become a member. Email campaigns I send will have the Ascend tool by Wix advertised, but this is a requirement from Wix unless I upgrade my plan.

That being said, cookies may be used to keep track of the settings you prefer on the website and actions that have been taken on the website.

If you would like a more detailed look at Wix's privacy policy click here.

Want to know more about cookies?

This website has an in-depth explanation: All About Computer Cookies.

But wait you have affiliate links, what happens to my information then?

I do not have access to your information through an affiliate link. I am affiliated with Bookshop and once you leave my site to visit Bookshop you have to review their privacy policy. The same can be said for visiting an author's website, social media and any other link I provide to outside sources other than my website.

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