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Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews | Book Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

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Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews | Book Review
Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

Book Review

The magic is rising and falling at a rapidly increasing rate. There is only one thing the fluctuating magic can mean, a massive magical flare is about to be released on Atlanta. And who best but Kate Daniels to be in the middle of it? What starts as an investigation into a simple stolen magical artifact, turns into a literal witch hunt as Kate is dragged into a coven's misguided magic. With the flare drawing ever closer, Kate is in a race against time as an ancient evil threatens to reduce what remains of Atlanta to nothing more than rubble.

Kate is a kickass heroine. Raised to be a weapon, her tongue is as sharp as her sword. But this time she has a street kid named Julie tagging along, and we get to see another side to Kate. Now I won't say she has a soft side, but she certainly shows how protective she can be over an innocent. Helping Julie find her lost mom becomes Kate's goal as they search the streets of Atlanta for clues. It so happens the witch coven Julie's mother belonged to began messing with magic that should have been left alone. During a large flare of magic, just about anything can come into reality if there is enough belief behind it. Even Gods.

The world-building in this series is astounding. Each book brings to light the twisted nature of the war between tech and magic. This time, Kate has to search through what used to be a trailer park. It has now been deemed the Honeycomb and not everyone who goes in comes back out. The trailers have warped and expanded, sometimes enveloping their once former inhabitants and banishing them to another realm. Those new to the area are advised to carry a ball of string with them, so if the trailer park swallows you there is at least a chance of finding you before you disappear forever. Then again even if you are found, chances are you will never be the same again.

Readers will also have a chance to see Curran and the pack once more, as they're dragged into the magical mess. It seems a certain thief keeps stealing their maps of the city, a thief with a vested interest in the missing witches. And if you're familiar with the Pack, then you know how furious Beast Lord Curran becomes when something is taken from him. Of course, it doesn't help with Kate constantly at war with him when it comes to snarky comebacks and attitude. Although at this point I think Kate amuses Curran with her ways, the same way a cat is amused by a mouse before it pounces.

Another great installment. Can't wait for the next!

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