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Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews | Book Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

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Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews | Book Review
Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

Book Review

Shapeshifters are being murdered; their bodies left on display for the pack to find. When Kate stumbles on Jim cleaning up one of the bodies, she offers to enlist her help and is denied. Until the next body found is her friend Derek, and he's barely clinging to life. Kate plunges headfirst into the investigation, regardless of the consequences. Her path will lead both herself and Curran to The Midnight Games. An underground fighting ring where humans and creatures battle to the death. Place your bets, because once Kate Daniels gets involved, all hell will break loose.

Another fast paced, action packed installment to the Kate Daniels series. This time we are allowed to see the underground of Atlanta and witness the brutality that encompasses the Midnight Games. Ilona Andrews ramps up the tension by throwing our favorite characters into an all-out death brawl and no punches are pulled. Kate will have to make sacrifices to save her friends and endanger the life she has spent years building.

Throughout the series, we've been given pieces of Kate's past, strung along like breadcrumbs. This book is by far one of the most revealing in the series and will start connecting the dots. Readers will learn how Kate developed her skills, and the harsh realities she had to face as a child. By the time you finish this novel, there will no longer be any doubt in your mind how she became such a battle-hardened woman.

This series is hard to put down. I'm am so hooked on it that I no longer want to read anything else. On to the next book!

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