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Dead Meat Day 6 by Nick Clausen | Book Review

Book Review: Dead Meat Day 6 by Nick Clausen
Dead Meat Day 6 by Nick Clausen

Book Review

The zombie infection has spread well beyond Denmark and into neighboring countries. Will, Dan, and their companions seek shelter among the Faroe Islands. But to reach the islands they will have to refuel the helicopter. What awaits them when they land to refuel will put all their hard-earned skills to the test. And not everyone will make it out alive.

With Dead Meat Day 6 there are still new characters being introduced. However, now that the core group has been established, there is a downturn in just how many secondary characters are brought into the fold. There is a delicate balance to maintain, between the survival of the main characters, and showing the progression of infection with a secondary storyline. Nick Clausen does a great job switching between the two. Readers are kept on the edge with clever cliffhangers and emotionally impactful moments.

There are many strong personalities present throughout this series. And despite the harsh reality of the zombie apocalypse, there are still people refusing to believe the truth. Hope is a deadly desire as people hide any evidence of scratches and bites. Each mistake made is another string of infections waiting to happen. Entire societies are breaking down and turning to chaos. While the dead are an ever-present threat, the threat of humanity turning in on itself is growing.

There is so much packed into each Dead Meat book. They never fail to surprise me with the twists and turns thrown at the characters. Dead Meat Day 6 was as fast-paced and action-heavy as the rest of the series. This dark read is sure to hook readers who enjoy survival stories.

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