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Dead Meat Day 5 by Nick Clausen | Book Review

Book Review: Dead Meat Day 5 by Nick Clausen
Dead Meat Day 5 by Nick Clausen

Book Review

Millie knows it’s only a matter of time before the infection spreads. She’s seen the scratch on her mother’s boyfriend. But there is nowhere to go. Trapped on a ferry bound for Sweden, Millie does all she can to contain the impending zombie outbreak. But people all over the country are trying to escape, and inevitably the infection will spread.

The Dead Meat series has captured a zombie outbreak in startling detail. As readers enter Day 5 it’s clear widespread panic is settling in. No matter what the news may say, people are beginning to realize just how much trouble they are in. And as they try to flee the center of infection, more and more mistakes are made.

Nick Clausen never fails to introduce new scenarios and character types. This time around readers are introduced to a group of friends eager to see a real zombie. But the inebriated trio soon finds that high-fiving a zombie is not the best idea. And as they deal with the consequences of their actions, more innocents are infected in the process.

And every story eventually ties back to the core group of characters fighting to survive. As more and more storylines merge into theirs, a diverse cast of characters is formed. Each with their strengths contributing to their survival. Although some may be better off left to fend for themselves. Not everyone has the group’s survival first and foremost in their mind. Some simply are looking out for themselves.

Dead Meat Day 5 is a story of humanity’s downfall. Readers will be immersed in a dystopian world, crumbling around the characters at an increasing rate. And with each passing day, the page count grows as more details are added in to show how damaged the world is becoming. Readers who enjoy fast-paced zombie reads, pick up this series.

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