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Dead Meat Day 3 by Nick Clausen | Book Review

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Book Review: Dead Meat Day 3 by Nick Clausen
Dead Meat Day 3 by Nick Clausen

Book Review

Dead Meat Day 3 is an intense and nail-biting read. As the zombie population continues to rise, so too do the tight situations and close calls. And as the story shifts from containment to survival, the pace ramps up. Characters old and new will have to come to terms with their new reality. And while they continue to do all they can to contain the infection, it just might be too late this time.

Nick Clausen continues to add characters into the mix, expanding the reader's awareness of what is occurring at each new turn. William is introduced as a porter at the hospital, the same hospital that received its first zombie attack victim. While doctors and nurses are unaware of the danger, William knows from one glance what is about to happen. His mind quickly calculates the number of potential victims. And while most characters up until this point have taken a while to believe what is happening, William embraces the fact the zombie apocalypse is about to begin. He immediately goes into survival mode.

This was another grisly and entertaining read. Readers will be transfixed by the build-up of apprehension as the main characters race to find a safe haven. And just as it all seems to come to a head, readers will be dropped off on a cliffhanger demanded Dead Meat Day 4.

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