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Dead Meat Day 2 by Nick Clausen | Book Review

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Book Review: Dead Meat Day 2 by Nick Clausen
Dead Meat Day 2 by Nick Clausen

Book Review

They thought it was the end, they saved humanity. Until Dan realizes he forgot one zombie, and she’s broken free. Dan’s the only one left willing to kill the zombie, but he has no idea where she’s gone and it only takes a single scratch to spread. Meanwhile, Selena sees a strange person approaching her house. And she won’t realize until it’s too late, that the person is no longer alive.

The Dead Meat series is a refreshing take on the zombie apocalypse. Instead of jumping into a world already ravaged by zombies, or an overall mystery of how it all began, Nick Clausen takes you to the beginning. Day 1 explained their origins. Now welcome to Dead Meat Day 2 where Dan and Selena hunt down zombies to prevent the actual apocalypse from happening. It’s a task that should seem easy, after all the zombies are slow and unintelligent. But readers will quickly realize a single wrong move can cause a snowball effect of tragedy that two teenagers will struggle to rectify.

Written into the character’s stories are the emotions and challenges faced when they come to terms with what they must do. Dan may have killed zombies before, but it’s not easy, especially when the zombie is one of your own family members. And let’s face it, we’re only on day two. Selena is in a similar situation, but she still holds a shred of hope the people who are infected won’t turn. Until the realization strikes her that there is no saving the ones infected. And as emotional as these two characters are, mistakes are made.

Dead Meat Day 2 is just as gripping as Day 1. There is no time wasted and it jumps straight into the action. Readers will be swept up in the two teenagers' desperate journey. Racing from place to place, building the tension up with each moment. If you enjoy zombie stories, pick this series up!

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