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Dead Meat Day 4 by Nick Clausen | Book Review

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Book Review

Book Review: Dead Meat Day 4 by Nick Clausen
Dead Meat Day 4 by Nick Clausen

Book Review

Dorte is desperate to find her sister a cure. The small scratch Rikke has is growing worse as time passes. But her medical equipment is out of town. If Dorte can make it past the military blockades, she can run the tests and find a cure. Time is running out, and the infection rate is rising. Dorte is sure she can find a cure for Rikke before she advances. But if she can’t, she'll risk the infection spreading to another town. Meanwhile, Dan receives a desperate call for help from his father. He’s more than willing to leave the safety of Holger’s house to rescue his father, but in doing so he’ll unknowingly lead another threat straight to him and his companions.

With each new addition to the Dead Meat series, Nick Clausen flawlessly adds more characters. Each one is woven into the storyline with ease. Each new point of view is incorporated in a way the reader will never doubt or question. Whether it's old schoolmates, long-lost relatives, or past acquaintances. And with this round of characters, the professionals are starting to make an appearance. From doctors to the military, the world is opening up to the readers and allowing them to see how people outside the core group are reacting to the world falling apart.

As each day passes, the stakes are raised. Safety becomes harder to find, and the number of trustworthy people decreases. With the growing crisis, the worst in people begins to show. New villains rise to the forefront, showing the brutality some can inflict to secure a roof over their heads. Readers will find themselves emotionally invested in the characters' well-beings, urging them to survive despite the quickly growing challenges. Dead Meat Day 4 is another fast-paced and intense dive into a dystopian world.

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