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Cape Storm by Rachel Caine | Book Review

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Book Review: Cape Storm by Rachel Caine
Cape Storm by Rachel Caine

Book Review

Joanne, David, and their combined team of Wardens and Djinn face off against their greatest foe. But who said facing the end of the world has to be done without style? Aboard a luxury cruise ship, they race against a hurricane arrowing straight for Joanne. But it isn’t just the hurricane they have to worry about. Joanne’s not herself lately. Contaminated by the very power they fight against, she’s losing the battle against it. And when Joanne snaps, she’ll take everyone down with her.

Rachel Caine doesn’t hesitate to up the stakes with each Weather Warden book. Cape Storm is no exception as innocents are thrown directly into the line of fire. Time is ticking and the wardens don’t have the option of waiting for all passengers to leave the ship before setting sail. Not to mention the threat Joanne herself presents to the team. Every one of her actions could be laced with deceit and she wouldn’t even know.

Relationships are strained as trust gradually disintegrates. Harsh realities will rise to the surface, forcing characters into corners they cannot escape from. Rachel Caine made a wise decision by adding in passengers without powers. With all the tension thrown into the mix, they were a great way to defuse situations. It also gave Cherise time to shine as she wooed them into coercion and fangirled over some of their more famous passengers. Cherise is such a fun character and is just the personality to balance out the team.

And despite the series nearing an end, there is still a healthy dose of world-building thrown into the story. New revelations about the use of powers and ways to block them arise. And new enemies and lore crop up, throwing twists into carefully laid plans. There is never a dull moment in Cape Storm. Readers will be enthralled from page one and demand answers from the final novel Total Eclipse.

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