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Firestorm by Rachel Caine | Book Review

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Firestorm by Rachel Caine | Book Review
Firestorm by Rachel Caine

Book Review

No Djinn can be trusted. Not even those once thought of as friends and lovers. The Mother is waking, and she’s not happy. At any moment she can take over the Djinn, forcing them to kill all wardens in their vicinity. And each new nightmare the Mother has brings disaster to the forefront, toppling towns and cities alike. The Wardens are desperately fighting, but they are overburdened and dying. There is a slim chance the mother can be put at ease. Joanne is going to hold onto that slim hope while fighting to save the world alongside her fellow wardens.

Firestorm is another adrenaline-flued ride. Each new book in the Weather Warden series takes the action to a new level. And the Mother isn’t the only threat Joanne will have to contend with. Rachel Caine certainly knows when to bring back opponents from previous novels in fashion. Joanne is going to have to pull new tricks out of the bag this time as she is confronted from multiple angles. And some folks frankly don’t care if the world is falling to pieces.

Joanne doesn’t hesitate to put herself on the line to save humanity. She’s proven herself time and time again to readers and made so many sacrifices in the process. But other characters view her simply as the rebel who likes fashion and fast cars. Despite all she’s done, they continually try to bring her down over her past mistakes and refuse to admit she is capable. Joanne certainly started off as the reluctant hero, but now she puts her foot down and dares to try things others won’t. She’s come a long way since Ill Wind, and this time most of her battles will be fought alone.

However, one character, in particular, I wish more time was spent with, Imara. She’s a powerful ally to Joanne, but readers never have the chance to see her for long. Imara will be in the scene for a few brief moments, share quips with Joanne, and then be forced off the page for one reason or another. This was well executed, as even Joanne admits to hardly knowing Imara and wishes to spend more time with her. But I’ve learned Rachel Caine never does anything without a reason. This on again off again relationship was created with a purpose. Readers will just have to continue reading to find out the why behind it all.

Firestorm is another fast read, filled with action, a bit of romance, and plenty of drama to go around. It’s one of those urban fantasy books you read knowing the stakes are going to be ridiculously high, and you sit back to watch the main character struggle through it all. It’s entertaining, at times unconventional, but nonetheless another great read.

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