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Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine | Book Review

Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine | Book Review
Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine

Book Review

Being dead has its advantages, like wiping the slate clean of all criminal charges. But now that Joanne has been brought back as a Djinn, she must learn how to control her power. Not to mention avoid being claimed by the wardens she once worked among. Let’s not forget that she’s also supposed to be dead to the human world. And now something is brewing in the etheric, evoking natural disasters of epic proportions. The wardens can barely hold it together and their Djinn can’t help. Joanne won’t sit idly by and watch innocents die.

Joanne is such a powerful figure in the weather warden series. And not just in her magical abilities, but her resolve and dedication. Despite the treatment, she’s endured from the wardens, she will still stay in the fight to prevent disasters from overcoming the Earth. This time around she is severely limited in her ability to help, but she still finds ways to work around her situation to do what is right. Though she may not always make the correct choice, she thinks on her feet and is a reactive character. Joanne can be both crisp and biting, yet sultry and demure depending on the situation.

And while Joanne is a brilliant character to follow, the antagonist of the story, Yvette Prentiss, was brutally written. Rachel Caine painted a manipulative and oily villain in Yvette, slowly working her wickedness into the plotline. Bit by bit it was revealed how disgusting of a person she was and it made Joanne’s resolve to bring her down all the more satisfying. Readers will feel strong emotions towards the situations Yvette puts characters in and be cheering Joanne on to bring her down.

Heat Stroke is one of those urban fantasy series with non-stop action. Whether it’s manipulating the elements, dodging Djinn, or fighting back against Yvette, there is never a dull moment. Events are set in motion from page one and will bring the reader into a world like no other I’ve read before. Not to mention the chemistry between David and Joanne hikes up a notch in this second novel which will entice those who enjoy steamier bits. The amount of story and potential in this series is enough to make me forgive the heavier romance elements. Urban fantasy and supernatural romance readers will both enjoy Heat Stroke.

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