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Gale Force by Rachel Caine | Book Review

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

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Book Review: Gale Force by Rachel Caine
Gale Force by Rachel Caine

Book Review

Enemies never seem to leave Joanne and David alone. When word leaks that the two are engaged, a new threat appears, one the Djinn are unable to see. Someone has found a blind spot for the powerful beings, and the wardens aren’t strong enough to fight alone. Joanne must find a way to make the Djinn see the threat to Mother Earth. With each attack, the Earth is thrown into further chaos, and innocent lives are lost. But without a united front, there will be no winning this time.

Despite Gale Force being book seven in the Weather Warden Universe, there's still plenty of world-building. David will finally part ways with information on the Djinn giving Joanne and readers long sought out lore. And as events begin to spiral out of control, the outside world begins to realize something is amiss. The carefully hidden world of Wardens and Djinn may not be so hidden anymore. Reporters begin to hound Joanne and David, trying to expose what is happening behind the scenes. Between dodging the press and staving off the newest threat, everyone has their hands full.

Rachel Caine has a way of planting seeds for later conflict into early plot lines. There they sit cultivating over the course of a few books before bringing them back into the forefront of the main plot. This was done expertly in Gale Force as old opponents rear back up with new challenges for Joanne and company. And while Joanne may have gained quite a bit of power since last facing them, she has a long way to go before she can harness her full potential. Both the Wardens and Djinn will be tested as their enemies launch an assault no one could have predicted.

And even with the extra boost in power Joanne receives, Rachel Caine makes sure she has to develop as a character before being able to fully use it. There are no easy choices for Joanne to make. And though there is still a bit of her old self tossed into the story, Joanne’s a lot less focused on designer clothing and much more focused on survival. No longer a solo act, Joanne has a team at her side and her relationships run deep. She’ll do all she can to protect those she loves. Gale Force is appropriately named, as the action never lets up and there are some powerful emotional hits that will assault the reader. Brace yourselves, this one is going to twist and turn, never letting up and breaking off mid conflict. Readers will be left demanding to read the next book.

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