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Ill Wind by Rachel Caine | Book Review

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Ill Wind by Rachel Caine | Book Review
Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Book Review

Be prepared to be blown away by a new magic system. In the first book of the Weather Wardens series, Rachel Caine takes meteorology to an all-new level.

Little do people know, the natural disasters that tear across the world are only a fraction of the Earth’s power. The Wardens Association keeps a close eye on these disasters and uses their powers to reign them in as best they can. Joanne Baldwin is a weather warden and damn good at her job. But certain members of the organization see her wealth of power as a threat. If there is one thing the Wardens can’t stand, it’s being unable to have total control. When Joanne is accused of murdering a fellow warden, she knows the organization will rip her powers away. In a desperate attempt, she runs cross country to the only person she thinks can help. Lewis, a man able to control fire, earth, and weather, and the only warden who escaped being magically neutered by the organization.

If you’re looking for nonstop action and an original magic system, you need to read Ill Wind. Rachel Caine did an amazing job integrating weather terminology with her magic. As Joanna manipulates the very air molecules around herself, the explosive show of force she can display is stunning. But not only is Joanne powerful, she’s crafty. Readers will experience her execute precision magic on the drop of a dime. And as the story progresses, the challenges she faces ramps up the tension.

I do advise that only adults read this book. Joanne can be a provocative character and falls into some tropes that Urban Fantasy is famous for. Generally, I don’t like books that portray female characters in this way, but the world-building and intense battles are too good to pass up. And while Joanne may be a bit cliche, the male counterpart of the story is not. From the start, David’s introduction to the story is something else. And being the central male character he breaks the mold with how he behaves towards Joanne. His personality and overall disposition hooked me and makes him one of my favorite male counterparts.

Ill Wind is a great Urban Fantasy read. There is so much potential packed into one book, and so much more story to tell. Bring on the next book!

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