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Chill Factor by Rachel Caine | Book Review

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Chill Factor by Rachel Caine | Book Review
Chill Factor by Rachel Caine

Book Review

Kevin is on the run and he won’t hesitate to lash out at all who try to harm him. The world balance is shifting, causing one catastrophe after another as Kevin manipulates powers greater than himself. The wardens are at their breaking point, barely able to contain the natural disasters that are seething within the Earth’s surface. And it seems like everyone believes the solution to their problem is to eliminate Kevin. All except one weather warden. Joanne always seems to be trying to do the right thing and ending up on the wrong side of the line. But she knows there’s a better way, and she refuses to let Kevin die.

Chill Factor ups the ante on the bad guys, and reveals to readers different ways to navigate the magic of the world. Rachel Caine expands the reader’s awareness beyond the weather wardens and opens an entirely new world for them to explore. And the best part is that Joanne is along for the ride. Side by side readers will experience the emotions and conflicts that arise as Joanne learns about the ethics of the wardens and how far they’ve gone off the beaten path. Everything readers have learned up until this point will be put into a whole new perspective.

But not only is the worldview changing, readers will also dive into the darker parts of Joanne’s past. It’s no wonder she lives life on the edge and has the personality she does. After what she’s been through, I would try to do everything I could to live life to the fullest too. A part of me also wonders if she’s always trying to do the right thing, no matter the risk to her own life, because of what is brought to light in Chill Factor.

As a character, Joanne is an interesting study. She isn’t the strongest of the wardens, and she reaches her limits quite often throughout each story. But she still continues to drive forward. Joanne has an open mind and takes in all that she has learned. Even if she wants to contradict the new knowledge she has gained, deep down she knows that to survive she has to embrace it. I admire the fact Rachel Caine does not make overall power level the only deciding factor in each conflict. There’s a bit of luck and skill thrown in as well as skill.

Chill Factor is another fast-paced ride, with a touch of romance and plenty of action. There are so many strong personalities in this read, and none of them can agree on a set path forward. Between the character interactions, the challenges Joanne has to face, and some of the more devastating reveals, this book will keep you turning the pages.

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