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The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon by Safinah Danish Elahi Book Review

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The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon by Safinah Danish Elahi book cover
The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon by Safinah Danish Elahi

Genre: Fiction, Pakistan, Contemporary | Length: 250 pages | Published: July 2023


The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon Blurb

Zohaib, Misha and Nadia believed they would be in each other's lives forever. As children they played, argued, teased and loved one another. Yet nothing could have prepared them for the tragic turn of events one fateful afternoon in Karachi, Pakistan, when the divisions and differences between them are revealed.

Years later and they are still trying to piece their lives back together, still trying to make sense of what happened. Zohaib is living in London, haunted by the ghosts of the past. Nadia has escaped the household where she first met Misha and Zohaib but finds fate delivering her back to their door…

The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon is a beautifully rendered portrait of love, healing, and long-buried pain, digging deep into the nature of trauma and class division.


The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon Book Review

Thank you to The Write Reads and Neem Tree Press for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Told through multiple points of view, and spanning years, The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon tells a tale of grief and recovery. It is a story about second chances, the complexities of family and friendship, and learning how to live on past traumatic experiences.

Safinah Danish Elahi can capture raw human emotion in a detailed and intricate way, from the characters’ inner thoughts to their interactions. Readers will find themselves experiencing intense moments of conflict within each of the characters, and their struggles to find some semblance of balance and peace in their life.

As the story unfolds, each point of view begins to paint a picture of the tragedy that ultimately influenced each person’s life. Hints are mixed among each narrative, slowly working to expose why each character is dealing with grief in their own way. And how the loss of one person can influence the lives of many. Though each character readers encounter, knows the deceased in different capacities, the effect on their lives is no less profound.

The Idle Stance of the Tippler Pigeon is an emotional read that centers on how relationships and lives change after loss. And how years later it can still impact a person's life. This book is for those who enjoy stories of families and friendships trying to endure and move past their grief.


About the Author

Author Safinah Danish Elahi
Safinah Danish Elahi

Safinah Danish Elahi is a lawyer, poet, writer, and the founder of an independent publishing house based in Pakistan. Her poetry collection has been critically acclaimed and one of her novels has been commissioned for television. Safinah was selected for the Iowa Writer’s Workshop 2022 Fall Residency and is often on the judging panel for writing competitions across Pakistan.

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