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That Good Mischief by Lyra Wolf Book Review

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Book cover for That Good Mischief by Lyra Wolf
That Good Mischief by Lyra Wolf

Book Review

Thank you to Lyra Wolf for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Banished from Asgard, Loki has settled down in California to live out his days with Sigyn by his side. As she attends school to become a doctor, he enjoys life lounging in the sun and causing mischief for those who cross the line. But when Sigyn comes home and collapses, causing a surge of dark magic, Loki suddenly finds his happily ever after on pause. Surtur is trying to break free, and if he does, not only will Loki lose Sigyn, but the very world will be destroyed. There is only one God with the knowledge and power to help, but it means ripping open old wounds and facing down past demons.

Loki is a character I will never tire of reading about. Especially the one portrayed in The Nine Worlds Rising series. Loki is a character who uses sarcastic humor and wits to arm himself against whatever emotionally comes his way. He’s quick to outthink the best of the Gods and cause mischief among them, but all for what he views as the better cause. The amount of ridicule he has to endure for being different is heartbreaking. But he refuses to back down, despite the continued abuse he endures from the Gods and their devious ways. Loki is a beautifully complicated character to follow.

Lyra Wolf isn’t afraid to show the messy and difficult parts of love. As some of Loki’s past deeds come to light, Sigyn must come to terms with his actions. And while their arguments may be full of anger and resentment, there is also a desire to understand one another. I appreciate that Sigyn thinks through all the angles and tries to see through Loki’s eyes. She doesn't assume and make immediate judgments. And any actions she does take that are born of anger she analyzes and tries to find the root of her feelings. Such complex emotions pull the reader in, allowing them to engage with the characters on a whole new level.

But the past doesn’t just haunt Loki’s current relationship. Embarking on a quest with Odin means he will have to relive the tender moments they once shared. It doesn’t help that Odin constantly brings up old buried memories. Ones that at the time were wonderful and fulfilling, but now bring a shadow of regret and disappointment. Loki is fully focused on making his current relationship with Sigyn work, despite the many challenges they have faced. His passion for their love is so strong, that he will do anything to see Sigyn safe. Even if it means confronting his unresolved feelings for Odin and the love they once shared.

That Good Mischief is a fast-paced and nail-biting ride as Loki races to save Sigyn. Surtur won’t go down without a fight and Loki must also contend with the spiteful anger of the Gods standing in his way. I enjoyed every minute of Loki’s sarcastic humor and determination to save Sigyn. I cannot wait for the next book!

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Hannah Read
Hannah Read
04 feb. 2023

I'm with you on books/other media that focus on Loki, he's quite intriguing! I like the sound of the conflict with previous memories in this one - definitely sounds like my sort of read.

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