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Truth & Other Lies by Lyra Wolf | Book Review

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Truth & Other Lies by Lyra Wolf | Book Review
Truth & Other Lies by Lyra Wolf

Book Review

Thank you to Lyra Wolf for providing me with a copy for an honest review!

While Loki may be the god of chaos and lies, he yearns for some semblance of trust and belonging among his fellow gods. Even if that means he must manipulate situations in his favor. Yet despite all he does, Loki is constantly treated as an outsider and scorned. Little does he know a prophecy stands between them. Then Loki encounters Sigyn, a woman whose power of fidelity is fit for a god. Enchanted by her, Loki can’t stay away. And as he pursues Sigyn, weaving his way into her life, he moves closer and closer to the prophecy. A long-buried truth will surface, and Loki finds that he will do anything to stay by Sigyn’s side.

At his core, Loki is such a complex character, to begin with, and the way Lyra Wolf portrayed him was done exceptionally well. From the start, readers are introduced to the family dynamic between the gods and it is tenuous at best. Witnessing the utter detachment the gods have towards Loki and the scorn they inflict on him, it's no wonder he causes mischief and chaos. Yes, he does cause some of it with his actions, but there is a deeper reason they all scorn him. One that will unfold as the story progresses.

Loki is a wonderfully moral grey character. Readers will understand his actions, even if they do not always agree with them. There were times Loki thought his idea was the only good way to solve a problem and it would leave you at the edge of your seat waiting for the inevitable fallout. It was endearing to watch him weave his way into Sigyn’s life, taking small steps to build trust even if some things he did were backhanded. It was also a bittersweet reminder of what he couldn’t achieve with the gods.

I listened to the audiobook of Truth & Other Lies and Casey Eade did a fantastic job narrating. Her voice breathed life into the characters and added to the overall tone and emotion of the story. The depth of range Casey Eade has is phenomenal. Each new character had a new accent and a new voice. No two characters sounded alike and their voices were consistent throughout the entire audiobook. It truly brought another level of entertainment to the story.

Truth & Other Lies is a book that left me craving more. I have to continue this story and know where it goes. The characters are so well done, the story so involved and emotional, I just can’t get enough of it!

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