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Savage Wild by Hope Gordon Book Review

Savage Wild by Hope Gordon book cover
Savage Wild by Hope Gordon

Savage Wild Book Review

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Wild Fruit is forbidden for those as young as Badger and his friends. There is always a risk of danger when eating it. But surely it couldn’t be as bad as the rumors say? Yet when Badger and friends cause hijinks to acquire Wild Fruit, they could never predict what would happen. While each of them carries a power, when they bite into the fruit it amplifies their abilities, and for some, it will forever change them.

Savage Wild is such a wholesome tale. This is the perfect beginner fantasy novel for young adults. The friendships between Badger and his friends are so heartwarming. They support one another, and their strengths and weaknesses pair so well. Even when one makes a mistake, the others try to make them feel better by acknowledging the mistake, but not letting them dwell on it. These characters are certainly the friends you want to continue having adventures with.

And adventures they have! Each step of the journey is filled with picturesque imagery. The forest seems majestic as they travel into the wilds. But what starts as a simple quest to find a friend, turns into a fight for the throne. Little do the friends know, the wilds are in an uproar as two opposing sides seek to become king. Badger and his friends will unwittingly be swept into the battle and have to use their combined strength to make it through.

Savage Wild has a wonderful array of representations. It is also one of those tales that while it does deal with darker elements, the characters make it easier to read. And it has great themes underlying the story such as friendship and learning how to carry increasing responsibility.

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