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The Order of Chaos by Lyra Wolf | Book Review

The Order of Chaos by Lyra Wolf | Book Review
The Order of Chaos by Lyra Wolf

Book Review

For centuries Loki was locked away, tortured, and bound by magic. And for centuries he plotted the downfall of the Gods, the destruction of all, Ragnarok. When Loki is finally released, sparking the apocalypse is the first on his to-do list. But as the chaotic energy of Ragnarok lures him into beginning the world’s destruction, Odin reveals the one thing that could stop Loki. The only problem? Ragnarok has already been unleashed.

The characters in this series are so alluring and unique. Though based on the Gods and Goddesses of Norse mythology, Lyra Wolf has breathed new life into them. This time around the children of Loki are brought to the forefront of the story. Watching Loki attempt a fatherly role, while also maintaining his steadfast attitude was entertaining, to say the least. Each time Loki navigated a new relationship he tested the boundaries, almost to the breaking point. And of course, he made assumptions and choices that were in his best interest, while steadfastly believing it was for the other party's own good. I love this complexity about his character, how he ultimately thinks he is doing the right thing based on his beliefs, yet ends up making mistakes along the way.

And of course, there are smart-aleck quips and mischief abound in this novel as Loki navigates the treacherous calling of Ragnarok. While the humor may not have been as vibrant in this second novel, it still serves a key purpose. With all the seriousness of Ragnarok and even an army of dead marching on the world, Loki’s words and wit break up the gloom and doom of the moment. It also contributes to the novel being a fast-paced and enjoyable read. While I read books that lean on the more serious side, The Order of Chaos stays poised in a perfect balance between light and dark tones.

The characters in The Nine Worlds Rising series are such a delight to read. The depth of emotion they feel and the way Lyra Wolf has captured them in words is truly remarkable. While fans of Norse mythology would enjoy this book and series, I highly recommend any fan of the fantasy genre give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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Mar 22, 2022

Great review! Im looking forward to the audiobook of this one!

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