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Shift by Hugh Howey Book Review

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Shift by Hugh Howey book cover
Shift by Hugh Howey

Shift Book Review

In Shift, readers will follow Donald. A politician skilled in architecture, who takes on a peculiar but at the time unalarming job. After all, planning new structures isn’t completely out of the way for political figures. But as the project progresses and Donald realizes what he has helped build, the chain of events will already be set in motion. As the remaining population is given medication to forget, there are some whose memories can never be erased.

As a prequel to Wool, Shift will reveal the origin of the Silos and the reason behind their creation. This is explained through the eyes of selfish and biased characters. Both Donald and the reader will be horrified at the slow-dawning discovery of what happened to the world and the utter manipulation that takes place. Not to mention the devastation and true intentions behind the entire plan. Donald may very well lose all he knows and loves, just to satisfy the goals of humans seeking power. The emotional impact Shift will have on readers is much more in-depth than Wool

But Shift doesn’t just tell the origin story of the silos, it also gives readers an exploration of Solo’s story. When readers encounter him in book one, he’s been alone for years. But what happened to his silo? As Donald struggles in his storyline, Solo deals with the loss of his loved ones and the only life he grew up knowing. Readers will be brought back to the very moment Solo’s silo began to break apart, and the ensuing chaos he found himself barely surviving. Solo’s storyline shows the downward mental spiral isolation can inflict on the human mind.

Readers who enjoy post-apocalyptic stories should give the Wool series a try. This series focuses on the people living in the aftermath of an apocalypse and its effect on entire societies. When the remaining population has their memories erased and is forced to restart with a created doctrine and history, it is only a matter of time before something goes awry.

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