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Million Dollar Demon by Kim Harrison | Book Review

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Million Dollar Demon by Kim Harrison | Book Review
Million Dollar Demon by Kim Harrison

Book Review

The Hollows are dissolving into chaos as the new master vampire, Constance, sinks her fangs into Cincinnati. Uprooting witches, demons, vampires, and all other denizens, she’s staking a claim on the territory for her camarilla and leaving hosts of people homeless. But the citizens of the Hollows won’t go down without a fight. Rachel finds herself among those tossed onto the streets and what starts as a joke curse to needle Constance, evolves into a war. And at the end of their conflict, Cincinnati will either have a master vampire, or a master demon overseeing the city.

Million Dollar Demon will push Rachel to new magical heights and open her eyes to the possibilities around her. For most of the series Rachel has relied on Jenks and Ivy, but this time Ivy is wrapped up in vampire politics and out of the picture. Rachel and Jenks will team up with an assortment of characters as they clash with an unhinged master vampire. The chemistry and comradery experienced in this book bring it to a new level of enjoyment. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Ivy and the way she plays an important part in the team, but Kim Harrison is shifting the series in a new direction. We knew it had to happen at some point. Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks have been evolving as characters and heading in this direction for quite some time. But have no fear, this story is just as entertaining as the previous novels.

Kim Harrison never fails to put her characters into challenging situations, forcing them to change plans last minute and improvise. The conflict and tension are so well written, drawing both characters and readers into the moment. But despite all she faces, Rachel will never change who she is or what she fights for. She will never cross the line so many are pushing her to cross. And that is one of the core reasons I love her character. Despite all the stress, pressure, and internal torment, Rachel does what is right. She may make mistakes, she may second guess herself, but at the root of it all, she is a good person and does her best for those she loves.

I’ve said it so many times and yet I’ll say it again and again. The Hollows is my absolute favorite urban fantasy series. The characterization is remarkable, the plot is constantly evolving and twisting in ways you can’t predict, and the world-building is so incredible. If you love urban fantasy, you have to give this series a try.

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