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Ever After by Kim Harrison | Book Review

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Ever After by Kim Harrison | Book Review
Ever After by Kim Harrison

Book Review

Rachel is really in for it this time. The ley line she tore through realities has sprung a major leak, and the Ever After is shrinking. She knows Ku’Sox has to be involved, but without proof, the demons won’t do a thing to help her. Time is not on her side. If she can’t fix the line, the demons are ready to kill her in a last-ditch effort to fix it.

Ever After really put Rachel to the test. Every time she seemed to gain an inch, it was taken away from her. But instead of giving up, she came back swinging. She knew the odds were stacked against her from the start, but she refused to back down and let Ku’Sox win. I have always admired Rachel's ability to take hits and keep on moving. She is a determined and ambitious woman I love to read about.

I do have to say though, there were some major moments in this book that fell flat. Some of the core characters throughout this series only earned summarized scenes and the impact of their actions fell short. I do understand the reason behind this tactic. I don’t think there was a way to give them more page time given the way the story flowed. But I’m still wishing they had more time with the readers.

That being said, Ever After is still a great action filled and fast-paced read. Kim Harrison has such a talent for building up characters readers once hated and turning them into people we root for in the end. When I first revisited this series, I couldn't believe I ended up liking certain characters. But you know what? I totally see it now because once again my opinions of them have done a complete turnaround. Kim adds so much to her characters and brings them through fantastic character arcs.

The Hollows series is great for readers that are driven by character development. Each character, no matter their part in the story is complex and evolves with each new installment to the series. And there is never a dull moment. Rachel is always on the move and taking on her next challenge.

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