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Pale Demon by Kim Harrison | Book Review

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

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Book Review - Pale Demon by Kim Harrison
Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

Book Review

My reread of The Hollows series continues!

Rachel’s back, and this time she is road tripping with Trent, Ivy, and Jenks. Yes, you read that right, Trent. Rachel is on her way to the annual witches conference to have her shunning rescinded and Trent is on a quest he refuses to talk about. This time around it isn’t going to be Rachel who causes the commotion. It’s never a good idea to keep secrets, but Trent is a master at them. Only this time his secret is going to put the team, and the world into a load of trouble.

True to The Hollows series nature, Pale Demon is filled with magic slinging action and narrow escapes. Rachel is going to have to embrace who she is and stop denying the power she holds. But if she accepts being a demon, it proves the coven right and she will forever be shunned. Rachel will have to decide if tapping into her full potential is worth being banished to the Ever After for the rest of her life.

But there is a lot more at stake than just Rachel's reputation. A new demon is stalking the streets in broad daylight. One even the demons don't want to deal with. Readers will learn more about the demons' history as Rachel tries to survive the new circumstances life throws at her.

There is no lack of conflict and tension within these pages. And don’t forget Jenks’ famous one liners and snide remarks. The team jumps from one situation to the next as they make their way to California. I enjoyed being able to pry into Trent’s character a bit more. He is still very much a closed book, but Kim Harrison starts to let the reader see past the facade he puts out. It will certainly make you want to pick up the next book to see if you learn more.

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