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Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison | Book Review

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

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Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison | Book Review
Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

Book Review

There's a new underground player in the Hollows, and he's putting his own brand of Brimstone on the streets. People are beginning to die. Both Piscary and Trent want the new competition out of their city, and Rachel is about to end up in the middle of it all. To make matters worse, every time she taps a line she risks calling Al across the ley lines. Rachel can't escape the demon forever, but she doesn't plan on becoming a tool for him either. Rachel is going to have to make some tough decisions, ones that will scar her forever.

I confess, the reason I love this addition to The Hollows series is Kisten. I need a Kisten in my life. He can be a royal pain, but deep down he knows that Rachel is broken inside from failed relationships. He's not about to walk into one with Rachel and expect her to change, or give him something she isn't able to. And while he can be pushy, he also knows the clear signs of when to back off and respects them. Being a living vampire, yes he wants blood, but he's willing to go without it for Rachel's sake. Though lately it's been hard for her to say no.

Rachel is learning to toughen up in this novel, even if it literally has to be beaten into her. Each time she goes toe to toe with Al, it's nothing but page turning action. Watching her try to outwit him and find whatever loopholes she can is exciting to read. She's also taking on increasingly harder runs allowing the reader to see how much she is beginning to change as a character. Even if it means some of her morals are starting to be compromised.

The farther Rachel journeys down her path, the more involved the world building becomes. We start to learn more about Rachel's father and what exactly happened to him. And the Ever After is no longer just something to be seen through second sight. It becomes a tangible area that begs to be explained in future novels. There is a rich history there, just begging to be tapped into.

As always, The Hollows is an adrenaline filled ride. I can't wait to continue to the next!

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