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Magical Midlife Meeting by K.F. Breene | Book Review

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Magical Midlife Meeting by K.F. Breene | Book Review
Magical Midlife Meeting by K.F. Breene

Book Review

Jessie has come a long way from the woman readers first met. She’s found herself a quirky and loveable family and is willing to put her life on the line to protect them. Her magical abilities have blossomed and while she isn’t a master of her powers yet, she can certainly pack a magical punch. And along her journey, the mage Elliott Graves has constantly tested her and threatened all she holds dear. It’s time to meet the mage and prove to him her true power. And after witnessing the death of one of her team at his hand, Jessie is out for blood.

She’s been beaten, battered, and kidnapped, but Jessie is ready to put her foot down and show the world the power she contains. Magical Midlife Meeting allows readers to witness the team working as a unit and putting their training to the test. Yet would it be the Ivy House team if they didn’t have mishaps and quirky humor thrown into the mix? Wait till you read about the armor they wear. You’ll be laughing and cheering them on as they stun their enemies with unconventional tactics.

I do wish there was more time spent with the team fighting other magical users. With the amount of focus spent training and building up to this moment, the actual time spent harnessing all their potential was overshadowed by the romance plot. I get it. The romantic tension surrounding Jessie has been a near constant backdrop from book one. Now that her relationship is realized, the romance is starting to take the front seat. As much as it makes sense for her character, I wish there was more writing to support the rest of the story.

Each book in the Leveling Up series has been a fun read. Jessie is a great character to follow and brings to light how life doesn’t end when you hit midlife. There is so much left to do, all it takes is the courage to reach for it.

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