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Magical Midlife Invasion by K.F. Breene | Book Review

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Magical Midlife Invasion by K.F. Breene | Book Review
Magical Midlife Invasion by K.F. Breene

Book Review

Jessie is steadily making progress with her magic and adjusting to having magical companions in her life. But just as she thinks she can take a chance to relax into her new role, her parents decide on an impromptu visit to Ivy House. Her ordinary nonmagical parents. Suddenly tasked with trying to hide the fantastical elements of her new life, Jessie will find herself in over her head. Especially when the members of Ivy House find that a new foe has begun watching the house, possibly planning an attack.

K.F. Breene has a talent for meshing together everyday life scenarios with the fantasy elements in her world. Magical Midlife Invasion is another hilarious and action packed addition to the Leveling Up series. I found myself chuckling at Jessie's parents' tactics and completely understanding where Jessie was coming from with her thoughts and reactions. To have something so normal be inserted into a plotline with readying battle defenses and magical training doesn’t seem like it should work, but it just does.

Part of what makes this series shine is the characters. The interactions between Mr. Tom and Jessie’s mother were hilarious. Wanting to be helpful, Jessie’s mom tries to cook and clean but Mr. Tom is right behind her trying to do the exact same thing. The two end up in a face off throughout the entire book trying to out help the other. It’s hilarious and Jessie pretty much throws her hands up in the air and lets them have at it. Though I can’t say I blame her, I wouldn’t want to get in between that type of feud either.

And amongst all the camaraderie and character development, K.F. Breene starts to peel back more lore about Ivy House and the extent of what Jessie can do. I love watching Jessie struggle to learn magic. Jessie wants to do her best and she is determined to figure out how to make it all work. I can’t wait to see what new heights Jessie will reach and how she will prepare for the next magical attack.

I can’t say enough how much I recommend this series for women in their midlife years. There are so many nuances and details packed into this series that are relatable. The overall tone and perspective of the story brings it all together in a light hearted enjoyable read.

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