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Magical Midlife Dating by K.F. Breene | Book Review

Magical Midlife Dating by K.F. Breene | Book Review
Magical Midlife Dating by K.F. Breene

Book Review

Jacinta has accepted the magic of Ivy House. But now she has to learn how to use it. When her emotions flare so does her magic. As she tries to learn to fly, she inadvertently sends out a summons for help. Of course, plummeting towards her death may have been the main cause. And when creatures begin answering the call, she will have to choose who will stay to become part of her team.

It isn’t just magic Jacinta is struggling with, she’s also trying to become comfortable with herself. She’s jumping back into the dating game in her forties and finding out that online dating sucks. I think we’ve all been there and can relate to the situations she finds herself in. Jacinta also struggles with accepting her body and the social awkwardness of meeting virtual strangers. But through it all, she learns to accept herself and refuses to change who she is for a man. My favorite aspect of this series is that K.F Breene instills in readers the need to be true to yourself. So what if you're older? Live life and enjoy it.

Quirky characters and humor are part of the deal when picking up this series. But as much as I love the snide remarks from Niamh and the absurd comments from Mr. Tom, there were moments the humor went a bit too far. A large chunk of it in book two was geared towards Jacinta’s embarrassment around the various mythical creatures shifting to humans and not having any clothes on. And the amount of times Jacinta scoped out the opposite sex annoyed me.

But despite having some moments I didn’t particularly enjoy, the main plot and overall themes of the Leveling Up series makes me invested in the series. I want to see Jacinta have her happy ever after, and I want her to be able to unleash her full potential.

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