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As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson | Book Review

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As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson | Book Review
As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson

Book Review

At first, Pip ignores the threatening messages. Being the creator of a true crime podcast, it’s predictable there will be people trying to get a thrill out of scaring her. But when the dead pigeons and chalk drawings begin to appear near her house, Pip begins to rethink the situation. Collecting the evidence she presents it to the police and once again is turned down, her misgivings brushed aside. But then again she never expected them to help anyway. When have they ever believed her? It’s up to Pip to investigate, but this time she might not make it out alive.

The evolution of Pip’s character throughout the trilogy has been intense. Watching events unfold in As Good As Dead, and Pip’s reactions to them shows how far she has come. Unfortunately, it also shows the mental slide trauma can have on a person. Pip has an analytical mind, and when faced with impossible odds, she goes into overdrive trying to find out answers. Near obsession and also dealing with PTSD leads to risky situations for Pip and decisions most readers will not agree with.

And once again the full cast of audiobook narrators did a wonderful job presenting this story. The style of information between Pip’s narrative may have changed this time around, but the way it all came together just accented the rollercoaster of emotions readers will encounter.

Holly Jackson is a master at suspense. The type of suspense that curls along your spine as you read, threatening to take hold of the characters and ruin their lives. Small bread crumbs left within the narrative hint at danger around every corner. And when the plot twist brings to light new evidence or scenarios, the reader's mind will turn back to those bread crumbs wondering if it’s the final moment. As Good As Dead held such a brilliant display of layering information into the story and I am sad to see this trilogy come to an end.

The series A Good Girls’ Guide to Murder was such a wild ride. I never could have predicted where the finale would bring readers, and I loved it all the more for doing this. I cannot wait to see what else Holly Jackson writes.

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