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Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson | Book Review

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

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Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson | Book Review
Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

Book Review

After the obsession that overtook her during the Andie Bell case, Pip has decided to put investigating to the side. Once she releases the case files onto her podcast, she calls it quits despite the podcast going viral. But when her friend’s brother goes missing, and the police refuse to help, the family turns to Pip.

Similar to the first book, Good Girl, Bad Blood has notes and extra bits of information tucked away in between chapters. If you are able to, listen to this sequel on audiobook. The format is perfect as Pip switches to recorded interviews and plays clips from her podcast. Not to mention the voice acting is spot on for each character. When Pip needs to disguise a person’s voice for protection, they even add in a voice modulator. It’s truly an experience listening to this as an audiobook.

Pip’s investigation will once again take her down dangerous roads, both physically and mentally. And instead of repeating the past investigative techniques, Holly Jackson works in new angles and types of leads for Pip to follow. Good Girl, Bad Blood still sticks to its true crime roots, leaving the relationship building to the background and only mentioning school related events as it pertains to Pip’s case. And as she digs deeper into the case, Pip will uncover secrets that would have been better off remaining secrets.

There is also an added layer of pressure on Pip as the media begins to question her honesty. But what truly cuts Pip to the core, is when people close to her begin to doubt her as well. This launches Pip into a dark spiral, questioning what she is doing and whether or not it even makes a difference. Many people experience self doubt, and Pip is no different. Adding the peer pressure makes it even more traumatic for Pip and hooks the reader. Especially when her follow up actions begin to show a new direction for Pip as a character.

Good Girl, Bad Blood was a fantastic sequel. With the way this one ended, I know I’m going to jump into book three as soon as possible. Pip’s character undergoes such a transformation and I need to see where her story will lead. If you’re a fan of mysteries and true crime, give this series a read!

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