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American Demon by Kim Harrison | Book Review

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American Demon by Kim Harrison | Book Review
American Demon by Kim Harrison

Book Review

Our favorite witch is back in the kitchen cooking up complex spells and risking her life for those she loves.

Rachel may have saved the world, but her work is far from over. Something is hunting people in their sleep, forcing them to attack their loved ones. And true to form, the I.S. is keeping a hush on the finer details that could help solve the case. When Rachel is pulled in by the FIB to help they immediately try to pin it on the demons. Disgusted Rachel refuses to aid them, but that doesn't mean she isn’t going to do her own thing.

If you haven’t had a chance to reread the series before starting American Demon, have no fear because Kim Harrison did a brilliant job working in memories and flashbacks for Rachel to bring to light for the readers. While this does slow the start down a bit, the combination of memories brings back some of the most important and memorable moments of the series. And it also shows how much these characters we know and love have grown.

There is a sense of ending, even as the series begins anew. Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks have gone through so much, and they have to rebuild their lives after the events of The Witch With No Name. And rebuilding doesn’t necessarily mean things are going back to how they were. But American Demon sets the stage for new character dynamics as Kim Harrison tosses in new faces and personalities to entice readers. And given her track record with the previous books, I have no doubt these characters will be just as complex and entertaining as the main cast.

As you read through American Demon you will be thrilled to see the chemistry between Trent and Rachel is in full force. I love how they work together and have honed their skills in magic to feed off of one another. They are such a good team, and I never want to see them part. Their relationship is as complex as it can be, but they do everything they can to work through the hardships and forge on. And the insecurities Rachel feels are so emotional, you can’t help but encourage her to believe in her happiness.

Filled with action, magic, romance, and kickass characters, American Demon was a fantastic journey back into one of my favorite series. I’m excited to see where this new path takes Rachel, Trent, Ivy, and Jenks.

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