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War of the Twins by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman | Book Review

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War of the Twins By Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman | Book Review
War of the Twins By Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Book Review

Narrowly escaping the cataclysm, Raistlin, Caramon and Crysania find themselves one hundred years in the future. Faith in the old Gods has declined and any who dare to openly worship Paladine may just find themselves labeled a witch. With no other choice, Crysania and Caramon must aid Raistlin in his quest to conquer the Dark Queen. But history is not so easily swayed, and Raistlin soon finds he is walking in the exact footsteps of Fistandantilus.

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are masters at creating complex characters. As the story progresses Raistlin, Caramon and Crysania will all undergo tests of faith. They will be pulled to the edge of what they can handle, fighting against the despair and darkness that lurks in each of them. The road is never easy, and some will find themselves thinking and doing things they never imagined.

War of the Twins also explores the complexities of love. Be it the love of a sibling, a friend, or a more intimate relationship. Most novels paint love as an emotion that is easily identified and fought for, even if there are some pitfalls along the way. However, War of the Twins shows how love can be buried within actions and dragged to the surface due to certain situations. It shows all the messy angles of love, and how other emotions and situations can weave together to paint an illusion of love that is confusing to the characters.

And true to style, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman weave in the lore of Krynn throughout the story. As the characters relive history, readers will experience firsthand the actions that lead up to pivotal points in Krynn’s past.

Action, adventure, magic, expert worldbuilding, and extraordinary characters, make War of the Twins a must read for high fantasy fans.

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