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Top 5 Humorous Quotes | Book Talk

I am a hoarder of words. I feel no shame with the amount of quotes I have stashed away on my computer, piled into files to form my digital hoard. When I find a quote that speaks to me, I will capture those words and turn them into quote art. I love anything from quotes with deep meaning, to ones that are just down right creative. So I’ll do a series of top 5 quotes, and break them down into categories. Let's kick it off with my current top 5 humorous quotes!


1.) Holtgart by Jeremy James Smith

Behind the Pages | Holtgart Quote | Top 5
Holtgart Quote

"While he was still working in the mines, some of the more fortunate dwarves were free to concentrate on high education - like combat training and liver development."

Holtgart is not short of humorous moments as Angus navigates his way through unexpected circumstances. In this quest based fantasy novel, readers will find themselves immersed in a light read that keeps them laughing. Totally recommend this if you are looking for a light feel good fantasy book.

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2.) Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

Behind the Pages | Magics Binds Quote | Top 5
Magics Binds Quote

"Did you run any of this by Curran?"

"I told him I was about to do something idiotic and dangerous, and he told me to go ahead and let him know if he could help in any way."

"I don't understand your relationship."

Sarcastic humor is by far my favorite type, and the Kate Daniels series is chock full of it. Not only is it full of witty banter, and clever one liners, but it's almost non stop action as well. Each book increases in power level and excitement. If you're looking for an urban series that has a kick ass heroine with a sharp tongue, then look no further than Kate Daniels.

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3.) Magic for a Price by Devon Monk

Behind the Pages | Magic for a Price Quote | Top 5
Magic for a Price Quote

"Last time you walked into death Jones was miserable to be around."

"I was in a coma." Zay said.

"Like I said, no fun at all. I have pictures to prove it."

Shame is one of my favorite secondary characters, ever. And as you can tell from his quote, he isn't afraid to smart mouth anyone. The Allie Beckstrom series is another dive into urban fantasy that I highly recommend. It has a new twist on magic and characters like Shame who will keep you glued to the page.

This is a series I am rereading in order to review. So while I haven't made it back to Magic for a Price yet, I have reviewed the first book in the series. Check out the book review for Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk.


4.) Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Behind the Pages | Dragons of Autumn Twilight Quote | Top 5
Dragons of Autumn Twilight Quote

"The cruelest form of torture on can inflict on a kender is to lock him up. Of course, it is also widely believed that the cruelest form of torture one can inflict on any other species is to lock them up with a kender."

Kender in the Dragonlance series provide a host of entertainment. Their antics are well known throughout the world of Krynn, and everyone is aware that they will talk your ear off if you give them the chance. Dragonlance is such a well built world, and there is a wealth of stories to choose from. Dragons of Autumn Twilight is the founding book for this high fantasy series and I urge you to give it a try.

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5.) Ever After by Kim Harrison

Behind the Pages | Ever After Quote | Top 5
Ever After Quote

"I think you're all screwy in the head," he said when Bis nodded his encouragement. "But go ahead. I've got Quen's number in my phone. I'll call him if you both explode in a flash of black underwear and money so I won't have to fly all the way home."

You're going to look at this quote and either go, what in the world is she reading? Or laugh because you know this is coming from a pixie named Jenks. It doesn't matter what situation Rachel finds herself in, Jenks is always there to provide a sarcastic and often times off color remark that leaves even the main characters stunned at times. But Kim uses Jenk's smartass remarks to defuse situations and make the readers laugh out load.

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