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Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk | Book Review

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Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk | Book Review
Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk

Book Review

In the world of Allie Beckstrom magic is a new technology. And if you use magic, it uses you as well. People must always remember to set a disbursement spell to offload their magic or suffer the consequences. Allie carries a notebook everywhere to record snippets of her life in the event magic steals any more memories. As a Hound, Allie has no choice but to use magic to see the trails left behind by those who misuse magic. When a boy is nearly killed by an illegal magical offload, Allie is called in to Hound the one responsible. But what she finds will send her down a road that even her keen senses won’t see coming.

What really drew me into this book was the magic system. If you don’t set a disbursement spell, magic will cause you pain in whatever way it chooses. The bigger the spell, the worse it will be. But even with a disbursement, you have to choose how you will feel the pain. And given that magic is a new technology, there is plenty of room for the system to expand. Devon Monk sets the stage for corporations to build new tech and discover new ways to use magic.

Now with most urban fantasy reads, there is romance tossed into the mix. Magic to the Bone is no different. Be advised the romance isn’t slow burning. It is more along the lines of instant attraction. But don’t let that stop you from reading this book if the type of romance isn’t your cup of tea. It certainly isn’t mine, but the characters and world kept me reading.

Allie is one of those strong female leads that are quick to bite back. She grew up privileged, but refuses to acknowledge it and forges her own path. And she doesn’t hesitate to help those who need her Hounding, even if they can’t afford it. You’ll see many instances where she puts the needs of others above her own, even if she knows she will take a beating.

Magic to the Bone is a fast-paced urban fantasy read. I highly recommend it to those who enjoy a strong female lead and unique magic systems. The romance bits can be a bit steamy, but overall I enjoyed visiting this world.

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