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The Warlock Snare by Jimena I. Novaro | Book Review

The Warlock Snare by Jimena I. Novaro | Book Review
The Warlock Snare by Jimena I. Novaro

Book Review

Thank you to Book Sirens for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Briar has been taken to another dimension. The only way to bring her back is to find a thaumaturge willing to open a portal for Orion and Max. But even if they find one they must survive the demon dimension she’s been taken to. When a string of events puts Max on the sidelines, Elsa steps up to help. Though well versed in traveling between dimensions and taking down demons, the warlock they find will push Elsa to her limits.

The relationships Jimena I. Novaro builds among characters are complex and rife with emotion. Orion doesn’t have the safety or security of being able to turn to someone older than him for advice. His mother does her best to teach him magical theories and techniques, but her health and magical limitations hold her back from being the parent Orion needs. Readers can feel her guilt through her dialogue and actions. She wants to do more for her son, she simply can’t. But Orion doesn’t hold it against her. Instead, his family dynamic and unique situation has ingrained in Orion the need to protect his family and friends. Even if it means giving up his life.

In The Warlock Snare, a new character emerges that could potentially be a role model for Orion. The excitement Orion experiences as he witnesses new magic and the possibility of having someone to turn to is heartwarming. But there is a flip side to it as well. Orion is conflicted about the person’s past actions. Orion’s mismatched memories of his father leer over him and bring with them anxiety and doubt. But he isn’t the only character with misgivings. Readers explore Elsa’s point of view throughout the story and will discover her tragic past. Learning about her loss puts into perspective the way she behaves and why it is hard for her to form relationships. It also shows how grief can shape people and how hard it is to overcome blaming oneself for the past.

Jimena I. Novaro writes her characters in a way that brings them to life with startling clarity. The various emotions they experience, and the well-paced development for each of them resonates with the central themes of the story. And each is so well balanced, always granting the reader enough information and enthusiasm to keep reading. If you are a reader who enjoys character-driven stories, pick up this series. The amount of work put into the psychology of the characters is astounding.

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