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Relic Spell by Jimena I. Novaro | Book Review

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Relic Spell by Jimena I. Novaro | Book Review
Relic Spell by Jimena I. Novaro

Book Review

Being the only sorcerer left in Port Monica, Orion does his best to keep the city safe from magic and demons. But when a spell ripples through the city, killing those too weak to survive the power draw, he is left confused and angered. Orion and his best friend Max begin to search for answers and find that the Phyrian War might have connections to current events. But no one will speak of the war. It’s as if it has been erased from the city’s history. As the two friends hunt for answers they will come up against a foe with immense magical power. And no one will rise up to save Port Monica. It’s up to Orion and Max to save their city.

Orion is so young and carries the world on his shoulders. Even when he has no clue what to do, he still tries. And he’ll have to learn that by taking responsibility for the city’s protection, Orion will have difficult decisions to make. You can’t help but see the toll his responsibilities take on him. And sometimes the choices he makes have horrible consequences. He nears his breaking point as he realizes the reality of two kids facing off against impossible odds is absurd. All Orion wants is advice on what to do, and there is no one to give it to him. Forced to grow up too soon, Orion doesn’t give up. Instead, he meets every challenge head-on.

Jimena I. Novaro has created the perfect balance of reality and fiction. Family is a main theme in Relic Spell, and Orion would do anything for his family. His mother does the best she can to teach Orion the ways of magic, even if her skill level is low. And woven within their stories is an intricate magic system. Even the most powerful of magic users must learn how to harness their power through the use of symbols and materials. But without any fellow sorcerers, Orion is left to learn on the fly with what little tools he has at his disposal.

Readers learn about magic through Orion’s experimentation and it’s wonderful. You’ll experience every emotion alongside Orion ranging from confusion and anger to curiosity and fear. But it all drives Orion into pushing against his boundaries with magic. There is no doubt in my mind the magic system of The Phyrian War series is only beginning to be revealed. Hints are dropped at the end of Relic Spell that alludes to so much more coming for this series.

By the end of Relic Spell, there are still so many questions left about the Phyrian War. I have a feeling it will be an overarching mystery for the series. I love when I have to put the pieces together and learn alongside the characters. Not to mention I want to know more about magic and how it works. There is so much more left to be told about this world. And I am eager to continue my journey.

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