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The Sandman Act II by Neil Gaiman Book Review

The Sandman Act II by Neil Gaiman book cover
The Sandman Act II by Neil Gaiman

Book Review

The Sandman Act II continues the brilliant audio adaptation of The Sandman graphic novels. Each voice actor captures the very essence of the story with fantastic audio narration. This collection of stories will tie up some loose ends from the previous volume, but it will also take readers on a journey across the world and across time to witness how Morpheus is influential in various cultures.

The focus of the story is going to drift. While there are a few overarching plot points, the majority of Act II is going to bring readers through side stories. And not every story has the Dream King as a center point. Readers will witness various cultures' perspectives of Morpheus and how they integrate belief in him into their lives. While some view him as a God, others seek him out for personal gain. And while Morpheus is never outright malicious, the price for gaining your heart’s desire is rarely what you expect it to be.

And while the settings and characters may change from tale to tale, the underlying dark tone remains the same. From the dead coming back to life and haunting the living to the demons being released from hell, there are a host of disasters to be found. And there will be no holding back on how the creatures torment the living.

The Sandman Act II is another strong installment of the audio adaptation. Act I kept my interest better due to the consistent story, but being able to witness Morpheus in different parts of the world was interesting. I’m eager to see what new tales will be told in the next volume.

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