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The Part About the Dragon Was Mostly True by Sean Gibson Book Review

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The Part About the Dragon Was Mostly True by Sean Gibson book cover
The Part About the Dragon Was Mostly True by Sean Gibson


Book Review for The Part About the Dragon Was Mostly True

The town (village?) of Skendrick has a dragon problem. But when the council can’t even decide if Skendrick is a town or a village, how are they expected to deal with a dragon? They enlist the help of Heloise the bard to spin a fanciful tale of conquest and treasure. If the dragon has treasure is anyone’s guess, but it makes the deal sound better. Especially because the town (village?) can’t actually pay their future heroes. And spin the tale Heloise does, catching the attention of Nadi and her crew.

The dynamics of the characters are phenomenal. They all play off one another with their personalities and brand of humor. Whiska delivers such deadpan lines, that to the reader are hilarious, but to Whiska are entirely serious. Borg is portrayed as slower to react due to the speed at which rock giants move and comes out with winning one-liners slightly delayed from the conversation. Then there is the play on words where Heloise breaks the third wall to explain things such as insults or slang to the reader. This creates not only humor among the action, but worldbuilding as well. And throughout it all are snarky sarcastic quips. No matter the reader’s brand of humor, there is something for everyone.

Alongside the humor and hijinks, are wonderful forays into action and adventure. And some encounters end in unpredictable ways. Twists and turns abound as the would-be heroes run through faulty plans and mishaps. Readers will also have the chance to read Heloise’s dolled up bardic version of each new adventure first. Then the following chapters will tell readers exactly what happened. And Heloise does not spare any details, even if they are highly embarrassing!

The Part About the Dragon Was Mostly True is pure fun. This is a book able to make readers burst out laughing in public. It is filled with classic fantasy adventuring and endless pages of entertainment. Fans of tabletop adventures, magic, fantasy, and dragons need to read this book.

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