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Smoke & Mirrors by C. L. Schneider | Book Review

Smoke & Mirrors by C.L. Schneider | Book Review
Smoke & Mirrors by C.L. Schneider

Book Review

Dahlia and Creed have one hell of a case on their hands. The dismembered pieces of multiple species have been left exposed on Sentinel City’s riverbank. And a discovery this large is going to be impossible to hide. As Dahlia begins searching for answers, she will uncover more than just another serial killer. Caught between hiding supernatural evidence, and telling the truth Dahlia will find that her choices may have deadly consequences.

Nite Fire is one of those gritty murder mystery series that isn’t afraid to show the brutal side of humanity. Add to that the monstrous side of the story where the writing can take readers down darker corridors and add that extra edge with fantasy thrown into the mix. Each book pulls readers further into the world of hidden monsters. And with each new mystery readers reveal truths about the world and what dwells within it.

Not only is the world building spot on, the character dynamics are excellent in this series. C. L. Schneider takes such care developing each character from one book to another. This time around Dahlia and Creed will spend more page time together. Watching them work on their differences was intense. While they do not always see eye to eye, they work well as a team when they allow the other to actually squeeze in behind their tightly erected walls. And Dahlia’s walls are starting to crumble one by one. Whether it is by choice, or by having no other options left. But instead of running, Dahlia is putting her foot down and forcing herself to figure out how to make everything work.

Smoke & Mirrors is filled to the brim with close calls and unexpected revelations. The team is going to take some hard hits this time around. Dahlia’s web of lies is going to catch some of those she holds dear, and her actions will decide what their fates will be. This conflict driven story is filled with suspense and will leave you wanting more.

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