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Chain Reaction by C. L. Schneider | Book Review

Chain Reaction by C. L. Schneider | Book Review
Chain Reaction by C. L. Schneider

Book Review

There’s a new drug on the street, and it’s causing humans to mutate and combust. As Nite begins to investigate she’ll discover the worst is yet to come. Someone is using her city as a testing ground and could care less how many bodies burn up. As the death pile grows, the city begins to panic. Rumors of monsters fill the streets. This is one cover-up story Nite isn't sure the dragons can pull off.

I switched to the audiobook this time around and Cassandra King did a fantastic job narrating. Nite is a no nonsense character, and Cassandra added just the right amount of attitude to her voice. But not only did she capture Nite perfectly, but her vocal range and abilities also shined throughout the story as she gave life to each character.

As a half-dragon empathic shifter Nite has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. Not only is she good with her knives, but she can breathe fire and use her empathic abilities to experience a person’s last moments before death. And as Nite uses her ability to see through the eyes of victims, she witnesses grisly tales of pain and suffering.

Chain Reaction is an adrenaline fueled ride. Nite does not hesitate to jump into the middle of things and get her hands dirty. The battle scenes are intense, and the tension builds throughout the story as Nite works to discover who is behind the new drug. And when she finds out her advisory wants to use the humans of her city to make a mark on the world, she’ll strike back with all she has to protect them. Sentinel City is hers, and she will not stand for anyone encroaching on her territory, or her people.

Reading about Nite navigating the human world and using her dragon abilities to solve crimes is pure entertainment from start to finish. By blending the genres of crime thriller and fantasy, C.L. Schneider has created a unique reading experience I can’t get enough of. Looking for an urban fantasy series with a strong female lead? Give the Nite Fire series a try!

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