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Pacific State by Grant Price Book Review

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Pacific State by Grant Price book cover
Pacific State by Grant Price

Thank you to Henry Roi PR for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Through Resler’s experience, readers will see the twisted and manipulative sides of corporations. They force employees to work long hours for little pay, watching their every move. If someone takes too long of a break, or unplugs from data sifting too many times, they’ll be punished with more work. And just when someone may think they’ve caught a break by helping the company achieve a deal, they’ll be given the choice of going into further debt, or quitting the company.

Mia’s storyline takes a more personal look at the corruption in Berlin. In debt to her fixer, she’s taking on a big job to try and come away debt free. She’s hired to remove a man experimenting on young women. But Benz is a high target, and she’ll need more resources at her disposal. Forming a crew to take him down will require Mia to scour the underbelly of Berlin. And with her choices limited, she’ll have to take chances.

There are various forms of slang used in Pacific State. The slang used in the corporate world can be a bit hard to understand. Being new to the corps, Resler helps the reader along in his assumptions of what is being said. And the slang used on the streets can take a moment to pick up on, but the context clues will help. Each use of language shows where characters come from and add to the overall worldbuilding.

When Resler and Mia cross paths, they’ll both have lives on the line and people caught in the crossfires. Working together to bring down Benz will be risky, but neither have much choice in the matter. While there will be moments the pacing slows as the characters work around challenges, the action and tension will mount as they get closer to their target.

Readers who enjoy cyberpunk will be pleased with the use of technology and cybernetic enhancements. Pacific State is a book for readers who enjoy dark and gritty sci-fi.

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