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Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron Book Review

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Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron book cover
Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron

Book Review

Julius has never been the strongest or the most powerful in his dragon clan. To survive, he has kept out of the way of his ambitious siblings and hidden. But his mother has had enough of his passive behavior. Sealed into a human body, Bethesda throws Julius into the DFZ. A land ruled by spirits who abhor dragons. Julius has to hit the ground running and prove he can be a dragon without being caught. Or else he becomes his mother’s next meal.

Julius is not the typical main character who is powerful and capable or even one who starts off weaker and grows into an alpha male. He’s never wanted to be a normal dragon, which means he isn’t going to be dominant or overbearing. He’s bullied by his family and looked down on for being kind and considerate. While at times his easygoing nature may wear on readers, there’s also the interest in seeing what exactly he can accomplish. His physical and magical skills may not be enough for his fellow dragons, but his mind can be just as influential.

Despite Julius being less dominant than his siblings, he is still determined to protect those he considers friends. When he and the mage Marci team up, they end up being pulled into each other's problems. But instead of abandoning her, Julius stays by her side and weathers the oncoming storms. Of course, it helps that Julius’s brother Justin is pulled into the mix.

Rachel Aaron chooses wisely to have Julius overshadowed by his brother Justin throughout the story. Justin is everything a typical dragon would be, and his plans are abrasive and violent. With such a huge contrast between the two dragons, readers are able to see Julius’ capabilities in a different light. And experiencing the two arguing about tactics was nothing less than entertaining.

I would recommend Nice Dragons Finish Last to readers looking for an action-packed yet simple to read urban fantasy. And if you’d like to see an entirely different type of dragon, check out this novel. Sure they may be able to breathe fire and use magic, but they also have a way of using posh politics to manipulate characters behind the scenes.

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