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Light's Insurgent by Ariel Paiement | Book Review

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Light's Insurgent by Ariel Paiement | Book Review
Light's Insurgent by Ariel Paiement

Book Review

Thank you to Ariel Paiement for providing me with a copy of this book! I voluntarily leave this review!

Gwen may have escaped Oblivion but they will not stop hunting for her. Gwen prepares herself for the fight ahead, ever conscious of the empty space beside her as Sheppard continues his battle inside Oblivion. The rare moments they have together, make her yearn for the day it will all be over. Meanwhile, Sheppard is forced to play Oblivion’s game. Rising in the ranks may give him insight into Oblivion’s plans, but it comes with a cost. And when Oblivion’s latest idea to retrieve Gwen uncovers startling truths, Sheppard’s hard pressed to keep both Gwen and the Coalition safe.

Gwen has come a long way from the girl readers first met in Shadow’s Dissident. While there are still moments her immaturity comes into play, she’s taking chances and doing what she can to help the Coalition. The main focus of Gwen’s interactions remains on her relationship dynamic with Sheppard and on anyone she interacts with that may threaten it. While potential rivals for Sheppard created a good source of tension, I would have liked to see how Gwen and Sheppard interacted with people who didn’t pose a threat to their relationship. Their lives are rarely easy, but letting them sneak in a few moments of happiness with others would have been a wonderful way to round out their characters.

Each character in Light’s Insurgent is complex and thought-provoking. Ariel Paiement has created a cast of main characters with such a depth of emotional burden, that readers can’t help but sympathize with them. Vivianna in particular balances on the fine edge of control. Her ability to function due to her emotional state is a major adversary in this novel. Oblivion has taken so much from her and continues to demand more. The choices Vivianna is forced to make in order to help the Coalition eat away at her mind. But she continues because there is no other way. Vivianna’s struggle tore at my heart as she fought to stand and fight despite all she faced.

Light’s Insurgent is a dialogue-driven narrative. It’s a story of revolution and all the risks and sacrifices that come with it. While there are brief mentions of the settings and character abilities with light and shadow, the focus remains on the challenges each character faces and the horrors of Oblivion. This is a novel for readers who enjoy light sci-fi and character focused stories.

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About the Author

Author Ariel Paiement
Ariel Paiement

ARIEL PAIEMENT IS a speculative fiction author. She writes a variety of fiction pieces and other works. As a reader, she enjoys lots of styles and genres, though fantasy and science fiction are her favorites.

Her favorite pastime is indulging in wild flights of imagination for new fiction pieces and other works. If asked what she spends most of her time doing, she’d tell you that she spends most of it working and writing. Life gets hectic, but she enjoys her part-time blogging and editing work as well as writing whenever she has a spare moment.

She is the author of several short fiction pieces and other works, including On The Narrow Way and Rith’s Disciple (both of which are published in Port and Key’s anthologies), Leap of Faith (included in Glimpses of Time and Magic), and In Darkness Lost. Her most read series is the Legends of Alcardia series, a set of novels and novellas telling the tales of adventurers, kings and queens, and legendary figures in the history of the world of Alcardia.

You can find Ariel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as via email at She’s pretty open to connecting with readers and other writers too! Reach out if you want to chat. Just be sure you introduce yourself. She deletes requests that seem weird or creepy. Saying something more than just hi would be nice.


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