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I Am Jade by Victoria Danes | Book Review

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I Am Jade by Victoria Danes | Book Review
I Am Jade by Victoria Danes

Book Review

As a clairvoyant, Jade has a hard time letting other people touch her. She’s built up mental walls throughout the years, but the stronger the emotion, the harder it is to keep them at bay. With a single touch, she can read a person’s emotions and relive memories. And when an accident brings Jade to the brink of death, she will return to the living world changed, and brimming with new darker power. As she struggles to contain the new power welling inside of her, she helps the police search for three missing girls. Family secrets will begin to surface, and Jade will find herself in the middle of a power struggle of magical proportions.

I Am Jade is a fast-paced read, with a unique point of view. While the reader views the world primarily through Jade’s eyes, there are tidbits dropped in from a secondary character’s point of view named Kincaid. After almost every Jade chapter, the reader is exposed to his raw emotions and thoughts about Jade. These small snippets entice the reader to find out what is happening between the two characters as they become further entwined together as the story progresses. I loved reading about Kincaid’s thoughts, and I wished there had been more from him. But I understand it would have also taken away from the allure of his character if readers had been given more information.

The plot is a fast progression from start to finish. I would have liked to see Jade stay longer in certain plot lines, and take more time to figure things out, but that’s because I am a diehard character development fan. Even with its quick progression, Victoria Danes makes sure all the pieces line up and the reader is given enough information to avoid confusion.

Jade is a strong-willed and independent heroine. She refuses to let people keep her down or hold her back. Filled with action, romance, and mystery, this book is sure to keep you hooked!

I will be keeping my eye out for future books by Victoria Danes. I do recommend mature audiences read this one as there are adult scenes.

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