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Godkiller by Hannah Kaner Book Review

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Godkiller by Hannah Kaner book cover
Godkiller by Hannah Kaner

Godkiller Book Review

Kissen barely survived the sacrificial burning of her family. As her father pulled her from the fire, she lost a leg, and soon after, her father’s life in return for her own. Anger filled the void she felt from the loss of her family. Anger she turned towards the gods and dedicated herself to their destruction. Now a godkiller she takes jobs to eradicate them. Until she finds one god she cannot kill. Skedi, bound to the human girl Inara. To do so would be to harm the girl as well. And Kissen will not kill humans. Together they must journey to Blenraden, to seek out answers from the wild gods. But even the smallest request will cost them.

Kissen is a hard-edged and torn character. Due to her horrific past her mental health can be a challenge. To push through the hardest times she creates an angry wall around herself. When Skedi and Inara enter the picture, she regretfully takes them on and it will mark the start of her evolution as a character. Were it not for Inara, Kissen would have slain Skedi and moved on. Yet she has no choice but to try and separate the two first. And the more time spent with the pair, the higher risk she runs of growing attached.

Inara and Skedi make quite the duo as they travel to Blenraden. Despite warnings from Kissen, Inara sees Skedia as her best friend. It’s hard not to with the little God being her constant companion. But venturing out into the world will see their friendship and trust put to the test. One small taste of power can lead to craving more. And in the thick of want and emotion, the best people can make the wrong decision.

And amidst the stories of Kissen and company, there is one final character who slides into the plot. Elogast, an ex-knight, journeys to Belnraden to save his best friend. Having given up a life of battle to become a baker, he picks up his sword for one last quest. Yet the answer that waits for him, will be nothing he envisioned. It will turn his entire world upside down.

Godkiller will come full circle in a brilliant display of battle. The Gods are never easy to work with. They will always demand a high price. Each character will have to decide if the price is worth what they desire most. And for some, what the gods demand will rock their very cores. Readers who enjoy high-stakes dark fantasy should give this book a read.

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