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Glass Rhapsody by Sarah Chorn | Book Review

Glass Rhapsody by Sarah Chorn | Book Review
Glass Rhapsody by Sarah Chorn

Book Review

The boundary has fallen and the Union sees its chance to claim the land. But the settlers of Shine Territory do not want to be owned again. Arlen must find a way to keep Shine Territory free. Or else women like Grace who have come from tragic pasts will once again be owned and used. Grace and the women of her town fought and won their freedom, and they have no intention of giving it up.

The way Sarah Chorn captures the essence of grief in Glass Rhapsody is truly stunning. Each character has a chance to tell their story and experience grief in their own way. And Cassandra...Cassandra feels the deepest grief of all. She is like a ghost of her former self, waking only to grieve day after day. Your heart will break as she struggles to come to terms with her loss.

And then there is Elroy who deals with his addiction to shine and the abilities it grants him. There is no hiding the raw and bleeding emotion that pours from his story as his physical and mental anguish over addiction is laid bare. But woven within his story is also a sliver of hope, a fighting chance for him to overcome the challenges of shine addiction and burnout. And it’s that small bit of hope readers will grasp as his story unfolds.

But let’s not forget Grace, a woman who suffers from a form of PTSD. She is fierce in her determination to stay a free woman and to keep her son safe. The love she shows for her son is so heartwarming and wholesome. To see how good of a person she is, makes it all the more difficult to witness her flashbacks and associated helplessness they make her feel.

Then last but not least we have Arlen. Between his own grief and the stress of trying to do what’s expected of him, Arlen is worn down to the breaking point. Add into the mix the insecurities Arlen feels as he begins to explore relationships. After being a boy left untouched for so long, experiencing the nuances of small touch and intimacy is nearly overwhelming.

In this stunning addition to the Songs of Sefate series, Sarah Chorn has spun tales of hardship, hope, and love. Each of Sarah Chorn’s characters is so intricate and complex. Watching their stories unfold and come together is breathtaking. The writing flows across the pages painting vivid pictures of characters and scenes. It’s realistic in ways I’ve never experienced before in fiction. I absolutely loved Glass Rhapsody.

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